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Super Vitamins and Sea Aloe and Superfruits GT

Are there such things as super vitamins?  Everywhere you look, in stores and online, you can find hundreds of different types of vitamins and vitamin supplements. Each of them is said to help aid the human body in one way or another, from helping to build muscle and lose fat to enhancing the skin’s appearance and helping with digestive problems. So what about super vitamins?  Well, it appears that this term refers more to a combination of vitamins than just one single vitamin.

While we all know that there are different benefits that can be derived from certain vitamins, we don’t always realize how much benefit certain vitamins can provide and when combined with other vitamins, these particular ones can provide us with quite a powerful blend of nutrition. Take for instance Vitamin K and Calcium. Now, just about everyone knows that calcium is needed to help build strong bones, but did you know that Vitamin K actually acts as a taxi service when it comes to calcium? It provides calcium with the means to get where your bones need it most. Bottom line, together they can be considered “super vitamins.”

Absorbing Vitamins

Now that you understand that for the most part, super vitamins are all about the combination of vitamins, let’s take a look at another aspect of vitamins --- absorption. Absorption is one of the most important aspects of taking any kind of vitamin. If your body does not absorb the vitamins you take very well, then you won’t get the benefits that you are supposed to from them. It has been proven that in some instances, a person can take a vitamin and it simply passes through their system, and comes out where you can still read the imprint on it. Now this does not mean that all vitamins will not be absorbed by the body; however, some brands do absorb better than others, and different forms of consuming vitamins provide better absorption than others.

Super Vitamins in Liquid Form

Studies have proven that vitamins taken in liquid form do provide better absorption compared to those taken in pill or capsule form. In fact, liquid vitamins have been proven to have an absorption ratio of 98%, while pill and capsules only 10 to 20%. Now getting back to what we were talking about regarding super vitamins and the combination of vitamins, what if you packed 80 different vitamins, 15 minerals, all the essential amino acids, and Phytonutrients in one vitamin formula? This would be one super vitamin formula, right? Well, that is just what the makers of SeaAloe wanted to do when they devised their super vitamin formula in liquid form. When it comes to super vitamins, SeaAloe is in the front of the line. Order yours today!