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Natural Vitamins

Natural vitamins originate primarily in plant tissues, while synthetic vitamins are man-made and have not been proven to replace safely or fully all of the benefits that one receives from natural vitamins. While there are some health professionals who believe that the human body is unable to know the difference between natural vitamins and those that have been made in a laboratory, they simply have not done their homework.

Firstly, particle size plays a role in nutrient absorption and sometimes particles are overlooked when chemists attempt to replicate a particular natural vitamin. Hence, the synthetic vitamin is not as effective as the natural one. For instance, back in 1925, scientists were only aware of one kind of Vitamin B and it wasn’t until several years later that the rest of the B vitamin family was discovered. These smaller particles were simply missed. This means that if one had been taking a synthetic B vitamin back in 1925, he or she would not have gotten all of the benefits the vitamin B family has to offer.

Natural Vitamins and Food

While everyone can agree that it is always best to get your vitamins from natural whole foods, unfortunately, the types of foods that many of us eat and the natural foods that our diets simply lack, leaves us deficient in the vitamin department. The human body was designed to digest the foods that are found in nature. In some cases, when it comes to synthetic vitamins, the human body simply does not recognize them and hence, very little or no benefit is received from them. Therefore, in order to ensure that we get the proper amount of vitamins and nutrients that we need, we need to supplement our diets with natural vitamins.

Today, modern science does support the fact that natural vitamins are nutritionally superior to those man-made. That being said, what if you could get all of the nutrients and vitamins you need from one natural vitamin supplement? With SeaAloe you can! The makers of SeaAloe have combined many natural vitamins and other nutrients in one super formula that is designed to supplement our diets. This one super vitamin formula is packed with more than 80 nutrients and all of the essential amino acids your body needs in order to achieve good health. SeaAloe Try some today!